Payments & Excursions - Behaviour and Privacy

Behaviour and Privacy on Excursions

Code of behaviour

It is expected that all students adhere to the following code of behaviour at school and on excursions. Students who fail to follow the schools code of behaviour on excursion will be treated the same as if at school which may lead to a suspension.
a. Attend school as required and present notes to explain all absences.
b. Be punctual to school, to class, and follow instructions of those in authority.
c. Complete all required work and homework carefully and to the best of your ability.
d. Behave in a responsible, polite and courteous manner travelling to and from school and at all school activities.
e. Behave in a manner, which shows self-respect and respects the rights and feelings of others.
f. Behave in a manner, which keeps you and others safe at all times.
g. Respect and care for school property, the property of others, flora and fauna.
h. Ensure the school is free of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and weapons.
i. Adhere to the standards of dress determined by the school community within and outside the school.
Privacy Policy 
The information you provide is being obtained for the purpose of ascertaining relevant medical information, requirements and other health care related needs about your child/ward who is currently enrolled at the school and who may participate in school excursions, sporting activities or other educational or school activities conducted by or in conjunction with Cardiff High School.
It will be used by officers of the NSW Department of Education and Training to assist planning, to support students, and to minimise risks when conducting school excursions, sporting or other school activities.
Other persons or agencies that may be provided with this information include, but are not limited to, volunteers and members of external organisations who join with the school or are otherwise involved in the planning or delivery of the excursion, sporting or other school activity; and persons that may be called upon to provide health care treatment or other assistance during or as a consequence of such excursions or activities. 
Provision of this information is not required by law. However, a failure to provide the information may mean that your child can not participate in a particular excursion or school activity. In such circumstances the school will make available a sound alternative educational experience.
Provision of this information will significantly assist the school in planning a safer educational activity. It will be stored securely. If you have any concerns about provision of this information, please contact the school principal to discuss further.
You may correct any personal information provided at any time by contacting the school office.