Faculties - Sports - Hunter Region Trials

Students who have special interest or expertise in a particular sport have the opportunity to participate in trials to be selected in the Hunter Region and State Teams in their selected sport.

Students who are interested in participating, please see Mr Swadling in the PD/H/PE staffroom.
2016 Hunter Region Trial Sports Calendar
Dates are a guide only, and are subject to change outside of our control.
Students are advised to check dates when registering interest with Mr Swadling.
Sports are a open age group competition unless otherwise stated.

February 2016

19th February - Open Boys Volleyball

22nd February - Golf

23rd February - Springboard and Platform Diving

25th February - Open Girls Volleyball

26th February - Under 16’s Boys Touch Football

26th February - Under 16’s Girls Touch Football 

March 2016

1st March - Swimming 

9th March - Open Boys Basketball 

14th March - Open Boys Water Polo Team

15th March - Australia Rules football 

15th March - Open Girls Basketball 

16th March - Open Boys Football 

17th March - Open Girls Football 

17th March - Open Girls Water Polo Team 

18th March - Netball 

23rd March - Under 15’s Rugby League Team 

23rd March - Under 18’s Rugby League Team 

29th March - Open Boys Hockey Team 

29th March - Open Girls Hockey Team 

30th March - Rugby Union 

April 2016

1st April -  Open Boys Touch Football 

1st April - Open Girls Touch 


May 2016

2nd May - Open Boys and Girls Squash 

17th May - Lawn Bowls 

26th May - Boys Artistic Gymnastics 

26th May - Girls Artistic Gymnastics 

June 2016

3rd June - Cross Country 

21st June - Open Girls Tennis

23rd June - Open Boys Softball

28th June - Open Boys Tennis 

30th June - Trampoline Sports 

July 2016

27th & 28th July -  Athletics 

November 2016

16th November -  Open Boys Baseball 

23rd November - Open Girls Softball 

24th November - Open Girls Cricket 

December 2016

1st December - Open Boys Cricket