Faculties - Sports Choices FAQ

Q: Can I change my sports choice?
A: No. Only under special circumstances can a sports choice be changed. Please see Mr Swadling with a written request from parent/carer to do so.
Q. I have chosen a sport with a bus fare, and do not pay it before the deadline. What happens to my choice?
A: You will be taken off the bus fare sport and placed into your chosen school based sport.
Q: I have chosen a sport with a bus fare, but cannot pay it before the deadline. What will happen to my choice?
A: If you wish to stay on your chosen sport, please see Mr Swadling with a written request from a parent/carer to obtain a payment extension.
Q: I have chosen a sport with a weekly venue fee. What happens if I forget to bring the money with me on sports day?
A: You must see Mr Swadling at first break on the day to arrange a suitable solution.
Q: Do Year 11 and Year 12 participate in Sports afternoon?
A: No. Senior (Year 11 & Year 12) students are not required to attend sport. Instead students are encouraged to participate in study programs held in the library, attend timetabled classes or TAFE during sport time. However, should you wish to participate in a sport, please make your sports choice via Online Sports choices.
Q. I keep getting 'this form can only be viewed by users' in the owner's organisation" when trying to make my online sports choice.
A: Online Sports Choices uses student Google accounts supplied by the Department of Education. This error occurs when someone else is already signed in with a Google account on the device you are trying to run sports choices. To fix the issue, go to www.google.com. On the top right hand corner there will be an email address or a person’s name of the person currently signed in. Click on the arrow facing down or the image then click on Sign out. Go back to the Cardiff High website and try sports choices again.
Q: I keep getting 'You can only fill out this form once' when trying to make my online sports choice.
A: There are TWO reasons why this error might occur.
1). A sports choice has already been made with the students account. Please see Mr Swadling or Mrs Copas to confirm your sports selection if you believe this to be incorrect.
2). Families submitting two or more student sports choices in succession may see this error if the internet browser has not cleared the previous students credentials. Try closing the Internet browser between submitting choices for different students.
Q: I am still having issues submitting my Online Sports Choice.
A: Log on to the student portal by going to student.det.nsw.edu.au and entering your school username and password. Once you are logged in and see your Student Portal page, go to the Cardiff High School’s website and click Online Sports Choices. You should now be able to make your Online Sports Choice.
Q: I have tried everything above and are still having issues making an Online Sports Choice.
A: Please see Mr Swadling in the PE staffroom or Mrs Copas in the Information Centre (Library) who will be able to assist you with your sports choice.
Q: What do I do if I am injured or sick on a Wednesday?
A: See Mr Swadling with a written note from your parent/carer explaining the circumstances. An alternative sport or activity will be arranged.